How to get back or retrieve an old domain bought from yahoo? I already tried buying it again,it did not work.?

I bought a domain from yahoo and signed up for webhosting last sept 2007. I cancelled it after one year realizing that i was being billed. i did not need it yet that time. now that i need it, how do i get it back? i tried to buy it again, but its no longer available. And I am sure that nobody else got the domain. The domain simply cannot be found even if I check it using my browser.
I already tried to go to and searched my domain, found it was unavailable, clicked the info button to know if someone elese bought it. This came out:

No match for: (my domain from yahoo).com in the registrar database

Registry Status: redemptionPeriod

See Underlying Registry Data

CLearly it has not yet been bought by anyone. I was the one who bought it from yahoo 2yrs ago. Now how do I get it back from yahoo. nobody else owns it for sure.

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Go to and type in the domain name, this will tell you if someone else registered it after you and who it is.

If someone else registered it they own it now, you can back order for $18.95 to get the domain if they let expire.

4 years ago

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i am trying to find

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