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    How do I get copies of 1099 and 1096 forms filed with the IRS?

    I need to get copies of 1099s and 1096 forms that I filed for my independent contractors in 2007, where can I get this from? I went to my local irs office, but they didnt have it. I also called the IRS but they didnt seem to be much help in helping me figuring it out. I need this information to provide to EDD.
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    Hello there, You can go into your local IRS office and have them help your fill out a Form 4506. You need to request copies of the actual returns and any attachments (not a transcript). The local IRS can process the form there. They can then pull those up and print copies for you. If the return is too long or not available on-line for some other reason, they will have the copies mailed to you. I know that you have already tried the local office. I think you just drew an inexperienced person there. If you go back tell them you need to request a copy of the return and need their help in filling out a Form 4506 request, I would think they will do that (they should be able to do that-- they are supposed to be able). Later,
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    • You have to file an IRS form 4506 to obtain copies of your returns with attachments. You need actual copies of the returns and attachments NOT a tax transcript.

      by cainvest1 - 6 hours ago

    • You need to call Martinsburg directly. Contacting IRS Enterprise Computing Center at Martinsburg (ECC-MTB) Information Reporting Program Customer Service Section (CSS) The CSS is located at IRS/ECC-MTB and operates in conjunction with the Information Reporting Program. The CSS provides service to the payer community (financial institutions, employers, and other transmitters of information returns). The Information Reporting Program CSS answers both electronic/magnetic media and tax law questions relating to the filing of information returns (Forms 1096, 1098, 1099, 5498, 8027, W-2G, and W-4). The CSS also answers electronic/magnetic media questions related to Form 1042-S. Also CSS answers tax law and paper filing related questions about Forms W-2 and W-3, as well as handling inquiries dealing with backup withholding and reasonable cause requirements due to missing and incorrect taxpayer identification numbers. The CSS accepts calls worldwide. The new toll-free number to call is 866-455-7438. Callers from outside of the United States must use the phone number 304-263-8700. The Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) phone number is 304-267-3367. These are toll calls. The CSS can be contacted via email at mccirp@irs.gov. Hours of operation for the CSS are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern time. The CSS is in operation throughout the year to handle the questions of payers, transmitters, and employers. Due to the high demand for assistance at the end of January and February, it is advisable to call as soon as possible to avoid these peak filing seasons.

      by Quick Answers - 6 hours ago

    • You can order copies of your tax return or tax account transcript quicker and easier. You also have two ordering methods – phone or mail. If you are a student who needs a copy of your tax return transcript for a financial aid application, a potential home buyer needing to verify your income, or if you need information from your tax account, ordering that information is now quicker and easier. To request your free transcripts call the new toll-free number (1-800-908-9946) and follow the message prompts, or complete IRS Form 4506T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return, and mail it to the address listed in the instructions. You should receive your transcript in fewer than two weeks. For mailed requests, please allow up to 30 days. If you need an exact copy of a previously filed and processed tax return with attachments (including Form W-2), you should complete Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, and mail it to the addressed listed in the instructions, along with a $57 fee for each tax year requested. Copies are generally available for returns filed in the current year and going back six years. Please keep this valuable information in mind in case you, or someone you know need a copy of a tax document. The process has been improved to better serve taxpayers. For more information, please visit the www.irs.gov website and use the search box for the form that you need. Or by phone 1-800-829-3676

      by Bobbie - 6 hours ago

    • you didn't keep your copies? the office they are sent is Ogden, Utah, you might try there

      by tro - 6 hours ago

    • Why didn't you keep the your copy copy? I have a feeling your are going to come out a distant second in an employment tax audit.

      by Max Hoopla - 6 hours ago

    • I'm not sure who EDD is. But I am sure IRS has a transcript of the info. You need to call them back and ask how to get an account transcript. A visit would be even better Of course, you have to be an authorized person to get this info.

      by kckid2 - 6 hours ago

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