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    bank will reject my tax refund because account is closed...How long doit take irs to get the check?
    my e-file was accepted jan.27th and my direct deposit was suppose to be in my account feb 5th 2010.. ok i hadnt realized until it was too late that my account had been closed because i hadnt had any transactions within a month(my stupid mistake). so i called the irs and they said the bank has to reject it first the they will mail the check after they receive it back from the bank. and it'll take up to 3weeks to receive it.. so my question is how long does it usually take the irs to recieve the check back from the bank? and after they receive it how long before i get my check? i know i researched this question a million times and im getting 6-8weeks some say two weeks... and all the questions were from 2006 and 2007 could it be a quicker process because its 2010. please anyone let me know
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    I am in a similar situation, the bank will not reopen that act, my refund was rejected on Jan 29th, but my bank did not send it back to the IRS until yesterday. I spoke to an IRS rep and they told me that they do not update their systems until the weekend so to check back on monday if it is returned. If that is the case, then they will send me a check that week (Feb 12)since they only sent out checks on friday, but also told me that it might be the following week FEb 19, depending on how fast they get the rejected funds back.
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    • Have you called your bank? They might just re-open that account for you. /

      by ? - 13 hours ago

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