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    Can two people from the same address claim head of household on income taxes?

    My boyfriend and I live together, both of our names are on the lease. We each of have a child that lives with us, one girl that is mine and one girl is his. We each earn our own money and we split everything down the middle, bills, gas, groceries, etc. But we will not file taxes together cause we are not married. Can we both claim head of household on our income taxes? We both have dependents and we each pay half of the living expenses. I checked with a tax calculator and it does make a big difference in our taxes.
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    If you split everything down the middle, neither one of you is HOH. While there are a few tax court cases where multiple families were successfully able to claim more than one HOH for an address, the families were also able to demonstrate that each family lived separately. If you and your boyfriend share a bedroom, this will never fly. You cannot share bedrooms; you cannot share meals; you have to be able to show that it made financial sense to have one address rather than 2, etc.
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    • Unless there are two separate households, only one of you can file as Head of Household. The person who pays over half the cost of maintaining the home can file as HoH. The IRS does look into more than one HoH at the same address.

      by ninasgramma - 15 hours ago

    • vb is correct. If it was 2 women or 2 men unrelated or not in a relationship you could argue that you each 100% support your own households in the same house. Multiple HOH at one address is a red flag for an audit. It is heavily penalized. A couple living together as if married will not pass scrutiny. You cannot say you never bought anything whatsoever for your boyfriends child or him. Never paid for a dinner out. Never took his child somewhere (gas and transportation).

      by travelguruette - 15 hours ago

    • No. One household = one head. The rule for head of household is not only taking care of a dependent relative most of the year, it also requires paying over half of the expense of running the household. Only one person can pay over half, therefore only one can be head.

      by Bob F - 15 hours ago

    • If each of you pays exactly half then neither of you can claim "Head of Household". Only the person who pays more than half of the expenses can be Head of Household for tax purposes. As it is mathematically impossible for both of you to pay more than half of the expenses, No you can not be each Head of Household.

      by Wayne Z - 15 hours ago

    • It is highly unlikely that the IRS, or any other taxing agency for that matter, will know or care that you live in single family home, or at least I am assuming that is why you are asking. I happen to know for a fact that in the City of Chicago, for example, there are many multiple family homes. It is not uncommon to see a two apartment building on any given street. There could also be be homes that consist of three or more apartments within the city. Not everyone lives in a single family home. Consequently, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. However, if I may be permitted to say, if you and your boyfriend would marry, things would be greatly simplified.

      by RUSerious - 15 hours ago

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