How much is it to file my taxes through H&R Block and do the rapid refund?

I have a few questions about filing my taxes through H&R Block

*How much is it?

*I want to do the rapid refund- whats the fee for that?

*Do they take the fee out of the refund- if so, which one-state or federal?

*And finally, I'm not sure if I'll get a refund- In the spring I collected unemployment-Don't I have to pay that back?

Plus I live in MA and have not yet signed up for manditory health insurance- a friend told me they keep tax refunds becuse of this-is this true?

*And lastly, if I owe money to the feds or statge taxman- do I need to pay H&R block that money when they do my taxes?

Thanks for any advice
Great advice, thanks! I didn't realize the interest rate was so high for rapid refund loans- Its almost a ripoff...

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If you owe back taxes, forget about a Rapid Refund. It won't happen. It's a ripoff anyway with interest rates of between 600% and 2,500% APR. They won't take the fees out either; you'll have to pay them first.

The cost depends upon the complexity of your return. Figure $50 and up for teh simplest returns for Federal only. Add for State.

Don't know about the health insurance thing but there are penalties for not signing up so I wouldn't be surprised if they hit you at tax time.

6 years ago

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Go to the website and file for free. Get a refund in about 10 business days via direct deposit. Tax Turbo is their. Real easy!

by Agent 40 - 6 years ago

STOP! Don't even look for a refund anticipation loan. It is about the worst deal you can find and just made for suckers. Save a bunch of money by efiling and having direct deposit of your refund in about two weeks.

by wartz - 6 years ago

H&R Block is not a cheap service. We just paid 300.00 and our taxes got red flagged because I am in a agreement with them on my taxes I owed last year they take out of my check weekly. So the bank that does the rapid refund or anticipation loans they now call it kicked ours out so we now have to wait 3 weeks for them to pull out the 717.00 I still owe from last year. They don't care that you are paying it. It comes out of your refund. The other questions I don't know how to answer. Good Luck

by lisah - 6 years ago

this is a common question look rapid refund is a rip the irs has had your money a full year file your taxes online opt for efile with direct deposit you'll have your money in less then two weeks and you get all of it (it is your money you worked hard for)


by lizard - 6 years ago

I work for HRBlock and I dont encourage people to do a rapid refund unless they absolutely need the money. If you have a refund coming it doesnt really take very long but many people are impatient.

by travelguruette - 6 years ago