how long does it take for a state tax refund in wisconsin to arrive or be depositedinto my account?

i filed in early January

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If you e-filed with direct deposit, you should get your state refund about (or within) one week after you filed. This is assuming that all your information/documentation submitted is correct and that you didn't get audited, of course.

I live in WI and have e-filed with direct deposit for the last several years. I have always gotten my state back within a week and federal within two weeks.

I believe the filing season started about if you filed in early January, they may not have started processing it until around the 15th, which is why you may not have gotten it back yet.

The link below is the WI Dept. of Revenue's website... you can check the status of your refund through it.

Hope you get it soon! I'm still waiting on a couple W-2's yet, which sucks because I need my refund money like ;-)


6 years ago