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    Agent Fee? Modeling?

    I've been doing some modeling locally for this lady with an agency she started herself (which she doesn't have a license for BTW) and she all of a sudden she comes out of nowhere with contracts and saying we have to pay a yearly non refundable agent fee of $100. Ive done 2 shows and a photoshoot with this woman and she never asked for a dime until now. I've seen posts where if whoever your with starts to charge for your services then you shouldn't do it anymore. What should I do?
    a year ago 4 Answers

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    • Wait, have you been paid yet for those three projects? If not, then obviously, you should even consider giving her a dime. If you did get paid, offer her 10%; which is a generally fair amount. If that's only $10 per project, so be it. Tell her to find you better paying projects. You should only pay commission to the agent, not any upfront fees. Get your own head shots too, agents tend to work with photographers and have been known to inflate the price.

      by Casey Y - a day ago

    • That's cheap. Most agents take a 20% commission off everything they book you on

      by Kittysue - a day ago

    • Sounds like the "agent" is getting more serious about her business. Contracts protect both parties so it seems like you should READ and sign the contract. And 100 bucks a year is well more than reasonable. It's less than 9 dollars a month. If you think you can find one for cheaper then good luck. And what makes you think an agent does or should work for free? That's their job and they should be paid.

      by ? - a day ago

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