What is an employee in charge of advertising called?

I need to hire someone that is in charge of advertising, I have no idea what the professional name for that is.

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Advertising Mgr
Advertising Director
Marketing Mgr or Director
Director of Public Information

5 months ago

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Marketing executive or marketing head. Basically any title that includes marketing.

by STEPHEN - 5 months ago

Advertising manager.
Advertising administrator.

by DR + Mrs Bears face - 5 months ago

Executive of Public Relations

by StevenRfc - 5 months ago

It depends. If you are looking for an entry level person then "marketing communication specialist" is a good term. If the person will have a lot more responsibility and higher salary, then "manager" can be used. Whether you say "marketing communication" or "advertising" depends on what tasks the person will have. Marketing is a broader area that covers advertising, online stuff, direct mail, etc.

The answers to this question are a good example of how people answer questions they have no knowledge about. STEPHEN, StevenRfc and Murzy, you need to know what the heck you are talking about before you answer a question.

by I Like Turtles - 5 months ago