How old do I have to be to walk into a coin shop?

How old do I have to be to walk into a jewelry/coin shop? I know someone has to be 18 to enter a pawn shop, but does a coin shop count as a store like Safeway, or a pawn shop? Well, not just walk in, but buy or sell something.

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I have never heard of a coin shop that requires you to be a certain age to enter. I went to my local one several times with my mom when I was a kid. They're just a more mature atmosphere that kids don't usually find attractive. Kind of like how you might have seen the adult section at the local library when you were a kid. If the store sells tobacco and/or alcohol products as well and they advertise it, they might ask you to leave if you enter the store without a parent or guardian. But coins alone aren't a problem.

As for buying/selling... I don't think stores care all that much. They might ask if you're with anyone, but I'm pretty sure any good business owner wouldn't turn down a potential customer.

6 months ago

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I don't think there are any age restrictions.

by Rigel - 6 months ago

It is a retail marketplace. Conduct yourself courteously and conduct your business. No age limit that I am aware of.

by Dan - 6 months ago

There is no legal minimum age obviously.

by Ryan M - 6 months ago