why is this etsy transaction taking so long?

it's been 4 days since the person bought the item I had in stock. they paid $37.00, so it's kind of important to me. can you please tell me why the money hasn't transacted to my card yet??....

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You need to figure out HOW the person paid you, if they did, in fact, actually pay you.

Money from etsy is paid into your linked paypal account, or directly into your bank account, if they used etsy's "Direct Checkout" option. Money from etsy doesn't go to your "card", unless you are talking about a paypal debit card, which will reflect your paypal balance. If you don't have an paypal debit card, the money sits in your paypal account until you decide to (a) move it to your bank account, (b) ask paypal to cut a check to you or (c) spend it at a site that accepts paypal.

If the person used Direct Checkout, etsy will send the money to your bank on a regular schedule:
"We will initiate a deposit of Registered Seller’s Available Balance into Registered Seller’s Bank Checking Account every Monday ("Payment Date") for U.S. Registered Seller and every other Monday for Registered Sellers outside of the U.S. "

6 months ago

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Best to call or visit the bank where your card account is. There are many possible explanantions such as maybe the transfer is being processed right now.

by tek1int - 6 months ago