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    I want to run a computer business that focuses on helping people build their dream computer.?

    I am disabled and have been fighting a very serious illness since I was 18, and I live in my moms house and I pay my own way through the somewhat generous welfare system my province gives me. I am 28 now and I do not want to be on welfare fully. I don't have any skill except for dealing with computers. I had an idea, and most people told me it won't work but I've gotten 1-2 responses about people wanting me to help them with their computers and one person wants me to go shopping with them to help them pick out a good computer for their kid. My services will be anything from teaching a person to use the computer in an easier way, to another extreme which is BUILDING their own personal computers. I will gladly help them build the machine of their dreams. I can help parents build a gaming machine that will play all the latest Microsoft titles and other gaming titles as good as any new gaming console, and they still will be able to use the computer to complete homework assignments. I think I have a lot to offer and I want to save people money and give them the best customer support,and the personal help they need if any components break and they need me to fix them. IS this is a bad idea? It's what I love to do. I know I do it well. Am I wasting my time? Thank you for your help. I appreciate your truth and honesty.
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    Hi, why do you say you "do not have any skills", yet it is obvious you have very valuable skills. First one being that you write very well. I am not a computer expert, but I have some business development background, so I want to look at this from mainly a business angle. I would advise you to stop thinking of "helping people build computers"--and think in terms of offering a service--people will be buying the service that the computer offers (entertainment, solutions,communications, interaction etc). If a computer cannot serve any useful purpose, then it is just another gadget. If it is not offering anything that is DIFFERENT from what dell, or apple or lenovo is offering then it is just another hardware. Yes you talk of people saving money--but right now comps are really cheap and affordable unless you are in a fourth world country. So the "saving money for people" angle may not be your best UNIQUE SELLING POINT (USP). It looks to me that your USP is something to do with games for kids (and adults too!!!!). That's where I would start from--do some research online by googling what are the hottest games out there? What hardware are people using to play these games. You talked of a console--may be you will end up helping people build a console--not a computer. For you to know what would be your USP--you have to find a gap (an un-served or under-served cohort of the population--this would be your target market). It could be for homebound kids, kids in hospitals --hey even senior citizens --coz senior pop. is growing and they need games. Then look at what they are using now--and what is available and what your technical capabilities are. I would suggest you get volunteer help from a business student who can work with you as part of their community volunteer project --most universities have such requirements. They will help finetune the business idea/feasibility study. It is also possible to get grants earmarked for the physically challenged. I hope this helps trigger some thoughts. Good Luck. Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Yes, you have a very viable idea. Start working on it right now and keep persistently on it no matter what obstacles you encounter and you gonna succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
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