What are some easy ways to make money?

I'm a pre-teen and there are a couple of different things I want to buy. I don't have an allowance, and I'm looking for some easy ways to earn money. Any ideas?
I'm already babysitting, though that isn't going too well. And I'm not old enough to get a real job.

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I am discussed with the first response left...too many people are cowards and hide behind their computers!!!! Anyway forget them....

There are a couple little businesses that can generate money for pre-teens, the first is actually in demand:

- dog walking (a lot of people who work full time are looking for people to walk their dogs in the day for them).

- house cleaning (while you are babysitting, offer to to the laundry or rake the leaves in the backyard for the family, might give you an extra 5-10$ a shift :)

- snow removal (when it snows walk around your neighborhood and offer to remove snow from driveways) the going rate in my area is 10 -20$, walk through a seniors area and you'll be surprised how many people ask.

Hope this helped :)

5 months ago

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Start an errand and odd job service (pet walking, house sitting, litter pickup, grocery pickup, etc) for the elderly people in your neighborhood. Print up fliers on your PC with a program like Microsoft Word or Publisher and hand them out to your neighbors. If business picks up, hire some of your friends to help you.

by Henry - 5 months ago