Should I buy and resale on ebay Make profit?

I am 16 and I was thinking of a way to make money. My career plan is to open a business one day. But I need to be 21 to open this business, bc I need an FFL license ( to sell guns. I want to open an outdoor gear shop: guns,ammo,atvs,hunting/fishing equipment). And I was wondering if I should start buying things like airsoft guns mainly and rescaling them to make profit. That's the kind of things I'm into. I've just recently opened an ebay account and sold my first item a few weeks. Any thoughts/advice? Is this a good idea? I have a few hundered to start off on and I have a paypal account and a debit card. I would buy one item at a time just to be sure I don't get too many and can't sell them all. Thanks everybody!

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"Is this a good idea?" No. Children are prohibited from using eBay and Paypal. When they find out -- and they will find out, when they ask for your Social Security number -- you'll be banned from eBay and Paypal for life, and Paypal will hold your funds for six months before turning them over to your parents.

If your goal is to buy and sell things, it would be quite stupid of you to get yourself banned from a major business platform.

Look at all the questions from kids here on Yahoo! Answers. One of the most popular questions is, "How do I start a stealth eBay account?" since they got banned. The answer is, you don't.

Another popular question is, "I sold my [insert game here] for $300, and the buyer opened a claim, and Paypal gave my money back to the buyer. Now Paypal wants me to pay them back but I already spent the money on [insert another stupid game here]. What will happen?" The answer is, Paypal will go after your parents for the money and damage their credit scores.

Be smart. The rules DO apply to you. Get off of both eBay and Paypal.

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skip it--the web site makes $, the mini stores rarely do
esp since you should post this from your home nation

by kemperk - 5 months ago