eBay item broke when it arrived?

I sold a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre to a lady and she said that it broke when it arrived. She wants a refund and I listed no refunds when I was putting it up. Do I have to give her refund? First time on ebay

6 months ago - 3 answers

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As long as you clearly stated in writing on your add "no refunds" or "as is" then you are ok more or less. She probably broke them herself or changed her mind about the color or something equally stupid. Ebay is only really good for the buyer. >.<


6 months ago

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Do you want to sell on eBay again? One neg will very likely tank your feedback rating and may even get your selling privileges suspended.

by GinoParisian - 6 months ago

Yes, you must refund items that are Not As Described. Your No Refund policy does not apply here. That is for returns where buyer has changed his mind. You get the items back first, then refund. Remember, buyers always have the power of negative feedback.

by Flower - 5 months ago