How many people do I need in my bakery business?!?


People i know said their friends and family steal from their business because they don't love in the Philippines so it's easy. Do I need manager to make sure the money is not stolen or to make sure the baker is doing her job?! Do I need a cashier or just use one person working because food will not be cooked in the stand just put in a bag and given out

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I have currently 5 bakerys. When I started I brought 5 people. Baker, 2 helpers, cleaning guy, and cashier. Of course you can be the cashier and save some money. The profits are very low but the volume is what will give you good money. Have a very good luck in your business!

7 months ago

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how many polish men does it take to change a light bulb?
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It will be your business... so why don't YOU manage it.

by Claudia - 7 months ago

this is supposed to be a USA forum

by kemperk - 7 months ago