I do clothing alterations at home?

I just feel desapointed that some people brings clothes to be altered, they want the job ASAP I alter the clothes till late in order to make the customer happy and the customer never come back. I call and call them but not answer.
I just need someone advice from someone with similar experience and need to know what to do with the clothes that is not claimed.

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When people drop off the clothes ask for half the money then, and half the money when they return. Ask them to sign something so you have it in writing, like a short contract. On this piece of paper that they sign, state that clothing that is not picked up within 30 days will be considered your property and will be donated or sold.


8 months ago

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a; where do you perform your services?
b; how much experience do you have?
c; are you over age 18? ARE you doing this from your house or a biz address?
d; have you ever written a business plan
you need no market research cause there are few people who do this type work anymore--
most wives did this for 200+ yrs but not in the last 35 yrs.

email me back
can guide further

will also swap services!!

by kemperk - 8 months ago

If it happens a lot then you need to do something differently. Without knowing how you treat customers, talk to customers or what your policies are or prices or anything it is difficult to tell you what to do.

by Claudia - 8 months ago

Have a receipt when they drop off the item. Receipt must have terms of service on it. Similar to receipts from dry cleaners. Ask for a minimum 50% deposit. When items are not retrieved in 30 days you should be able to sell it.

by Barkley - 8 months ago