My coworkers don't like me and I've done nothing wrong. What do I do?

I work for a small company with about 8 employees. My boss told me that none of my coworkers like me. I've done nothing wrong and always polite to people. They say I complain and not a good leader. I've been here over a year and have plenty reason to complain....long list of boss is lucky I'm still here based on everything I've dealt with....from lack of pay, lack of inventory, a mean, cutting boss and a disorganized company in general.

I'm 41 and most of the other girls are younger than me like in their 20's..I am more mature and they have formed a little clique.

What do I do?

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It really sucks when your coworkers hate you for no reason. I'm sorry that they are so dismissive of you. They are all around the same age and they probably just don't like older people. They are immature and shallow.
My coworkers hate me too and I wish I knew why. Aside from one dude, the rest are female. They are all over 33 years old and most of them have kids. I'm the youngest woman on staff and I'm really quiet. They avoid me because they assume that I don't want to talk to them, which is bull sh*t. They have also formed a clique and they hang out during breaks/lunch. I've never been invited. All of these women have been cold and distant since day one, which was about a year ago. I've been nothing but kind and considerate to everyone. I don't understand why they are treating me this way. I am younger (30 years old) and don't know what it's like to be a mom, a wife, etc. However, I am way more mature than they are and I don't treat them like garbage. They yell at me for no reason, they keep their doors closed so they don't have to deal with me, and they complain about me to HR. I feel so alone and do not have a single ally in this entire company. I never want to wake up and go to work. My former supervisor gave me great advice. He said that I shouldn't let everyone walk all over me. If any of these women really piss me off, I am going to stand up for myself.
I wish that there were more men at my workplace. Whenever you put a bunch of women in one place, there's always going to be conflict and inexcusable behavior.
Try to ignore the b*tches that you work with. It's not easy, but there's not much else you can do. They need to grow up, just like my much older coworkers need to. Maybe someday, they will get over themselves and graduate from high school.

8 months ago

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Stating what the business is and exactly what you do will help in us giving you advise.

Basically it seems like you just want us to tell you what YOU want to hear.

by MoneyMakuhhDontbeaHataa - 8 months ago

Jealousy and generation gap are the reason. Just smile at them and move closely, they may change, if not ignore them.

by smahadevan39 - 8 months ago

Some boss you have got there, likes to stir up the crap between the staff, sounds like he wants you to leave actually, what a total "A hole" he is !

by Latin Techie - 8 months ago

Just because you think you have things to complain about doesn't mean you have to open your mouth. Maybe you're right and maybe you're wrong but nobody likes a whiner. We all have opinions - are all of you talking about problems or are you the only one with the mouth? Think about it, step back and look at yourself objectively. Most people either try to solve problems in the workplace, little by little (leadership), or just accept that that's the job and move on with their lives.

by John D - 8 months ago

Start looking for another job, A.S.A.P. From what you say, your dilemma seems unsolvable.

Is your boss younger than you? That may be why she sides more with your coworkers. It is difficult to be the "old" one in a young company. Also, us older folks tend to be more bossy towards the younger folks, sometimes without realizing it. Remember, that often younger folks have not developed assertiveness and can view older people as authority figures, especially if they are students or close to student age. Be aware of that and don't take advantage of younger workers.

Are you in a leadership or supervisory position? Have you been in such a position before? You may want to take a course on supervision or business leadership, or perhaps read books on that topic.

Listen carefully to your boss's comments and do your best to correct what's wrong.

by Vanilla Spice - 8 months ago

You should try and connect with your co-workers. I'm 18 and I know what people of my age feel like. as you are a lot more mature than your co-workers, you should be more of a caretaking figure around them. try helping them with their work but don't try to be over-assertive. If you win over one co-worker you can make your other co-workers happy too.

by Hiren - 8 months ago

actually in my prospect what your co-workers like is not important,you have to take care that your company likes you & your boss likes you.
Also whether you are a leader or not that is suppose to be decided by your boss or you need not to worry about what your co-workers think about your leadership.

by kunal - 8 months ago

Nothing. Just continue to do your job the best way possible and don't worry about what your co-workers think of you. After all you're there to do a job and make money, not friends. Making friends at work is simply an added bonus. Now if your job is that miserable, get a new one. There's plenty of them out there.

by RyanW - 8 months ago