Anyone please give some office refurbishment tips.?

I have an office in Leeds, recently hired couple of more staff. I have 100 square yard office space with only 7 work stations; wish to increase it to 10. Moreover I wish to add some more file storage unites in my office.

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Hi Henry!

Renovating the interiors of your office actually depends upon what exactly are you hoping for the end results. The first thing to do is have a clear idea about what you need to change in your workplace and start stripping down the furniture accordingly. However, here are a few tips to help you with the refurbishment job:

1. Use sleek furniture to give you some additional space in the central area.
2. Install small machines like photo copier and coffee maker at the unused corners of the office.
3. Remove boundaries. Use open space arrangements instead of conventional cubicles and cells. This can also help you get bigger space for important offices and conference rooms.

While these tips would definitely help you get a smart and space-effective office, you must seek professional help to make most of the space available. Additionally, you can ask your employees for smart ideas as well, you never know when and where something creative and innovative comes up.


8 months ago

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Ask a commercial decorator, I'm sure they'd be happy to give you some advice.


by Sally - 3 months ago