Ebay seller troubles, Can anything actually happen to me?

I bought a pair of air jordans on ebay for over $300. The seller ships the shoes, and when I received them they are a completely different shoe than what is listed in the ad. They weren't authentic at all, and futhermore they were used (I ordered the shoes new). I opened a claim a requested a refund. The seller requested I return the item for a refund so I did. The seller then gave me a refund once I provided a tracking number.

I tracked the package, and the shoes were returned to the seller safely. A day after the seller had received the shoes, he messages me saying that he will sue me because those weren't the shoes he sent me. Like WTF??? I reurned the package exactly as I got it!!! Can he actually do that?? Am I being scammed?? what should I do??

Any feedback would be great!! Thanks!!

P.S. I called ebay and paypal and both said don't worry about it, but idk

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I've been on eBay for over 15 years, and yes, you are being scammed! eBay favors buyers 80% of the time, so there's a good chance that you can win the claim.
I buy a lot on eBay too, and when the package arrives, I take a video of it as I open it, so there's no dispute of what's in the box and what condition it's in. Many times stuff came totally damaged and I always won my dispute when I showed the pictures to eBay or Paypal. If I have to return an item, I also take a video of being boxed up for the same reason.
eBay also pays attention to the seller's feedback to see if they done this before. All the disputes I've had in the last two years were settled in my favor, so there's an excellent chance the money will be refunded to you.

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You should always go through the Ebay return process by filing Item Not As Described so it is on record what is going on. Now you have to prove by photos that the item is the same one seller sold you.

You cannot get sued by another seller unless he lives in the same town, he is not going to travel to sue you in another state for a pair of shoes. It is not too late to open a case with Ebay.

Did this seller have 100% feedback and a lot of transaction history ? You can always try Customer Support on the Ebay site or call them.

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