Ebay - I have a exact same homemade item to sell as a another seller is it wise to sell it?

I hope this makes sense

I make homemade plaster casts and sell them on ebay. I have just bought a mould to make the plaster casting but ive noticed another seller is selling the exact same item and it is popular im worried the seller may report my item for copying or maybe buy one of my popular castings and give me a negative feedback. I have a totally different description to this seller and a diffrent background in my photo. Im doing ok with what im selling but would do even better if i put this on a little cheaper than the other seller

is this worth the risk?

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First of all you can not get in trouble because of making your own products weather someone else is making that product too or not.

Or even selling the same product someone else is selling.

if the molds are out to the public and are sold to everyone then of course there are going be more then one person making the product.

You will have your own auctions with your own words and pictures you will need to put your ID name on when you take the pictures of your products so nothing you do inside of your auction will say exactly the same words like the other sellers and you will have your own pictures.

As long as you do not copy anything from that other sellers listings you can not get in trouble for selling the same product in fact go $1.00 under their price so you make more sales.

If you are worried about the seller buying one of yours to merely leave you bad feed back for them then go BLOCK that seller before you place the auctions out.

10 months ago

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I dont think u can patent selling cast

by GodFather - 10 months ago

Well it sounds like it is a case of several people buying their product from the same place.

Unless the other selling has an exclusive licensing arrangement with the mould maker there is nothing to prevent you selling the exact same item.

The rule on copyright is that

1. If you aren't making much money then there are no losses, so there is no problem.

2. If you are success and there is a lot of money then it is worth fighting over

3. If they contact you about it then write an apology letter saying you were not aware of any problem and promise to stop then they will basically have no case against you.

by flingebunt - 10 months ago