What should I major in if I want to be a small business owner?

I would like to own a small chocolate shop. Nothing too fancy, just like a small shop you'd pass around the mall. Is it hard to maintain a small business? Any tips from business owners and what do I major in? Thanks!
Also, if it doesn't work out for me, what other kinds of jobs that pay good money could I get with that degree? Thanks again!

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Just do like a diploma in small business management or accounting or something. Just to give you a general idea of the skills you'll need. The rest you could teach yourself on the job. A university degree isn't necessary.


10 months ago

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I would recommend marketing... I too want to own a small shop myself. My mom owns one now and I want to take it over when she is ready so I chose marketing so that I can use this knowledge to help build and maintain business from customers...


by brielle prezzano - 10 months ago

u major in a Free Library Card.

u can get all the info u need to
be self employed opening a business
at the local library.

everything !

2nd post - since most businesses do not make it
past 5 years, a visit to will let u
learn 100s of other careers/jobs u may like.

local community college in USA have program
under 2 yrs often 18 months leading to
careers/jobs that are in demand.
many earning 30,000 - 60,000$ a year
plus benefits.


by Rob - 10 months ago