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    Ship If Unpaid on Ebay?

    I haven't received payments on a few of my ebay sales, should I still ship the items? I'm guessing I should still ship and I will on Monday when the post office is open but I was wondering what ebay's policy is on that.
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    Try reading ebay's help pages for new sellers. You NEVER ship without confirmation that you've received payment.
    a few seconds ago

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    • WT heck? NEVER SHIP ANYTHING IF YOU DONT GET PAID FOR THE AUCTION FIRST! Without their payments you wont have a address to send the packages to anyhow.DUH! BUT NEVER SHIP ANY THING WITHOUT BEING PAID FIRST. What do you want to do? Give it all away for FREE? COME ON!

      by reasonable-sale-lots - 18 hours ago

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