its park lane jewerly good to start working and how you do it?

right now Im looking for a job but my luck they haven't call or anything and i need a little job 2 start paying back my collage loans...and i got interesting in selling park lane jewelry and i want to know how do you start in that business Do you have to have parties or do you get a catalog and sell it kind of like Avon? do you have to pay to sale this ? please help

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You can try selling jewelry through Kitsy Lane. They allow you to pick your store name, then they create a website for you and allow you to customize it any way you choose. You go through the site and pick the type of jewelry and accessories you want to sell. Also each week you can choose which items you would like to go on sale. The best part is they do most of the work for you! They even provide an option for you to link your jewelry boutique to your Facebook and Twitter page, so that they can post advertisements for your jewelry for you! You barely have to do a thing! You don't have to host any parties or any of that stuff that you have to do with Avon. Everything is done online and they have tons of options available to help you grow your business and reach people better. I highly recommend them if you want to sell jewelry. Just follow this link to get started and good luck!

You can also check out some Youtube videos for more information, from other boutique owners. Just type Kitsy Lane into the Youtube search engine.

By the way it is COMPLETELY FREE!


10 months ago

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Well, I did a bit of Googling (which should have been YOUR first step). It looks like you have to host parties and sell the jewelry, which appears to be overpriced. Most people are NOT going to buy jewelry, either valuable jewelry or costume jewelry, at a party. You have to be really, really good at sales in order to sell anything in a party plan, and you have to know a lot of people who will either come to the parties or host the parties. Hosting the parties costs money, you know, even if you don't have to pay for inventory, you will need to provide snacks and drinks at the very least. And if you don't get enough sales, then you have incurred a net loss.

If you are having problems getting a job, then party plans are probably not for you. Getting jobs is partially a matter of salesmanship, it's not just luck or credentials. Party plan sales are almost pure salesmanship.

by Lynn Bodoni - 10 months ago