Best reverse cell phone lookup site?

Hi! Can you please tell me the best site I can do a reverse cell phone lookup? I need the owners name, address and any other thing I can find on this number. I've tried all the free reverse phone lookup directories with no luck, all I found is that it's a cell number from CA. I don't mind paying a small fee but I need to know based on your experience which site is the best. Thank you!

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Hi there Bessie!

I did an in-depth research on which reverse phone lookup site is for real because I didn't want to lose any money. This is how I caught my girlfriend cheating. The site I used is and the report included name, other phone number, address history, relatives, and criminal-court records.

The sad part is that is not free but like you I couldn't find the information on free sites. They have 2 options:

1. Pay one time fee. You get one report only.
2. 7 day trial. You get unlimited reports, costs $0 for USA. I went with this option because I wanted to verify more numbers and I canceled the trial afterwords. If you don't want to complicate things and you got only one number to verify just go with the first option, it's not that much, $19 if I recall correctly.

10 months ago

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I've personally reviewed such online services (background checks, and reverse phone lookups - often times provided by the same companies) and have found that they're worth it when you need it , and when they offer a free trial so that you've got nothing to lose. The video I'm posting below shows what you can expect from these (they are not perfect, as you'll see).


by Brayden - 5 months ago

Most of these responses seem to be ads for paid services. Frankly, I suspect that some of these "services" exist simply to get your credit card information, which is an easier way than hacking your Target account. Please be cautious about giving credit card information. If they want money, they should take PayPal, which keeps you from having to give your information. I prefer to use free services such as, which don't ask for credit card information.

by Skip - 2 months ago

a) Go to
b) Type in the number you want to search
c) Preview your results

Mind you, the only free results you will get are basic one, like the city and state where the number is assigned to, if you want more details then you have to become a member.

by Ashlan - 3 weeks ago

Try out this one - FREEPEOPLESCAN.COM
You can do a free of charge free cell phone number scan. At least you can observe if any records can be found without cost. They will ask for a little fee for total information as many comparable companies.

by Black - 1 week ago

The cheapest way is to get the a free trial with a service like and get the info that you need.

by Bartram - 6 days ago