I got an idea for a food business, what's next?

Hey everyone! I just got a product idea for a food business and i would like to know what's the next step to starting a food business?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (:

11 months ago - 4 answers

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As an ex business man, I recommend a lot of research!

Research everything! Cost of product/s, facilities (Restaurant, Manufacturing building, ect..), Material, equipment, transportation, utilities, and licenses (business license, save serve, ect.).

Then determine what your income will be and determine if you will make profits, because every business is about profits.

If you will make profits get licensed, buy your stuff, hire your staff and get your business up as quick as you can because everyday you sit and wait is a dollar lost.

11 months ago

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Now you should collect more required information regarding food business for major success. Then you can start producing or manufacturing. To promote your business just go to B2B Marketplace and list your product or services.


by Pramod - 11 months ago

Try the concept out on small scale to see if it works.
Remember to do all the legal stuff as well as the commercial side.

by robert m - 11 months ago

I DEFINITELY agree with Tyler Tyler. You should put in A LOT of research - on the product itself, but the market, employees, manufacturers, etc. You have to think with an ENTIRE business mindset.


by Sandra - 11 months ago