I want to open a Barbershop but the name I want is taken?

I want to open a barbershop is California but the name I want is taken. It already exists in North Carolina. Could I still open one under that name or can I be sued? The name I want is E&M Barber

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My research says you can name your business the same name, since it's in a different state, and E&M Barber in North Carolina doesn't appear to be trademarked. It could become an issue if you wanted to be trademarked, but I highly doubt that is the case, either. You're not looking to become McDonald's or anything.

Read this article:

Here's the state of CA site on name availability for businesses:

Good luck with your new business!


13 months ago

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not sure, but thats a boring name anyway... pick something much better

by Claudia - 13 months ago