How to staff a courier company?

Hey guys I'm starting a courier company soon and I will like to know about the different staffs that I will need to operate the company. I had in mind jobs like: 1. Couriers, 2. Drivers, 3. Dispatchers. Please let me know about any other jobs.


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You basically start with you. All you basically need is a delivery vehicle and a cell phone. Having a website wouldn't hurt When that gets busy then worry about hiring staff. Find yourself a small business account. They can help with many things. Including getting a tax id# when you start. There is plenty of work for couriers. Especially in larger cities. You can deliver packages like office supplies, flowers, and other items. There is also a need for medical. Picking up things to goto labs is another service that is needed. Most doctors don't have their own labs. Then there is desktop deliveries that are needed for large corporations and universities. Good Luck! Any more questions then feel free to email.

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you are way ahead of yourself
I am 95% sure that market research will show you that there is no unmet need.

to prove I am wrong, risk your gas and cost of liability insurance and test market
the area by determining how far you will drive and what you want to net.


A relative couriers a specific type of product from specific firms to other specific firms and
he is busy 6 days a week.. Thus, consider focusing on an industry with products that
need to be delivered in a timely manner; perhaps like groceries for those living a retirement5

if you do that and earn a profit, you can give me 5% of your profits

by kemperk - 13 months ago