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I recently started a computer business and I am mainly targeting small businesses. I created 500 flyers to distribute but I want to make sure these flyers go businesses that actually need IT Support. So my questions is, what kind of businesses need IT Support? I know some business have a full time IT on site so I want to try to avoid those type of businesses.

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Actually going after businesses that already have IT onsite is viable. You need to show them what your company can do, and at a lower cost. Flyers isn't the way to go. Not very Professional for your type of business. I'm sure that you already set up a website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Cold calling is going to be your best bet. Open up that thing called a phone book. Know what your competitors are doing and charge for services. You don't have to be the cheapest. Just reasonable. Good Luck!

13 months ago

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Well I would go for industrial estates in your local area. Small companies which are big enough to employ at least 20 people are going to have computers for Payroll, Human Resources etc.

I would stay away from high street retailers, fast food, charity shops, garages etc.

Go for the SMEs on industrial estates.

by dazza - 13 months ago