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    Food service managers, would you answer some questions?

    Hello, I am an aspiring entrepreneur, I want to go into the restaurant business. I am currently in college taking classes to achieve this goal and for one of my classes I have been assigned to ask a manager any five questions I might have about being a manager. Because I will be going into business for myself, I would prefer managers who have started their own small food business, but you it's okay if you didn't. I was hoping someone would do some back and forth through emails so that I could complete this assignment. If you could give your line of work and an email address I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!
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    Email me. I've managed and owned restaurant businesses.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Really?? Why don't you just go into your local restaurant and ask to speak to the owner. Then you can have an an actual valuable chat with someone you know is legitimate.

      by A Hunch - 5 hours ago

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