How to sell an item on Ebay?

When I put my xbox 360 up for sale at a fixed price of $75.00 I made sure I checked that it was (buyer pays for shipping) now since my product has been sold I am waiting for the money to show up on paypal and I was told to ship it out once that happens.

I was just wondering if the buyer pays for shipping then i ship it COD and not an ebay label, i would manually upload the tracking number correct?

Also since this is my first time using Ebay and won't be able to access the money until the buyer receives it and gives good feedback, what if they decide to give bad feedback and keep my product without giving me the money! I doubt that would happen considering I am planning on shipping everything I said i would and they are al in great condition...but just in case. I also set it to no refunds allowed. Thanks in advance!
thanks for your help!
Just a few more questions- If i use Ebay shipping label does that pay for shipping and Ebay takes it out of my account? How long does it normally take to get in my paypal account? Because I cant ship it out until that comes in. im a new member to Ebay

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If the shipping price is included in your listing, the buyer pays for both the xbox and shipping in one payment. So, your payment would be $75 plus shipping, minus listing fees later. You do not ship COD, and you should use an ebay label to ship, that is how you'll guarantee that you get your payment within a reasonable time. You do not ship until after they've paid - NEVER before. There is a risk involved when you sell, but there is seller as well as buyer protection. They have no reason to give bad feedback if the product is shipped in a timely manner and it is what you represented.

Your policy is no refunds, but in the event of a major problem they could dispute it with ebay and get their money back - you do need to know that - they have 30 days after receiving it.

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