How do I financially start and continue with a Polymer clay business?

I'm a 15 year old girl and I want to make money. I was given polymer clay, a lot of it, by a friend and I was hoping to make figures with it and what not to sell on or another art website. Not just polymer clay, maybe other artsy stuff, but how would I financially do this? I have enough clay to start out, and I have enough money for the little 5¢ fees to start out on etsy, but when I do start making money, how much do I decide to keep and put away for supplies i'll need for the future?

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Since you don't have a real budget but you do have a lot of materials, I'd start with making a good selection of the type of figures etc. that you want to be selling. Then you put that up on etsy (or where ever) and wait. While you wait slowly make some more and add those as you make them.

It will be a while before you start selling. This is normal; people need to see you stuff and think about it and start wanting it. Some things may turn out to be popular, some not. Important is when you make more, to use that info on popularity wisely, but also it's important not to make the same thing twice, as customers on etsy are looking for unique items.

You'll need to set a price for your item. This you can do by browsing etsy for symular items and make a list of the price range. Than you pick a price and, this is important, you stick with it. Even if you feel you should go cheaper because it doesn't sell right away. I already said it will take a while before you start selling and that has nothing to do with the price, so stick to your guns!

Yes, you should put money away for new supplies. And in the beginning it should be most of the income. Breaking into arty-selling is a very slow process, if you want a fast buck try a paper route. But on the upside, once it starts rolling it can climb high, because as you're selling stuff, you'll be making more, getting more skilled which yields better items which yields better money of which you can buy better supplies, which yield better quality stuff to sell, and so one. Way better than a paper route, I think.

The only thing, in this profession, is that you must also LOVE the crafting itself. If you don't it will show in the result and people won't buy your items. Also it will make getting started nearly impossible because, as I've said, in the beginning you will not sell anything, and you will get disheartened; at that time you will need your love for the work to carry you through...

Good luck and hope to see you on etsy soon!!!


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Shipping anything will cost more than what you can sell it for.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago