I'm 16 and need to make some money quick.?

I'm 16 and trying save money for a car. Any tips on making quick money would be great. Thanks

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Fastest way is to sell drugs but I'm assuming thats not an option. How about gathering things you don't want and selling them on Ebay or at a yard sale. Walk a dog, check job listings around your area, see if you can go to work with a friend or family member, become a street performer, or just get a job.

1 year ago

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GET A JOB!!!!............ -_____-

by Dj - 1 year ago

Selling stuff on Ebay (sites like that)
Do work around your neighborhood. Stuff like mowing lawns, raking leaves, weeding, etc.
Ask your friends or parents if they need any work done. Cleaning, house sitting, babysitting, pet sitting/walking, etc.
You could always have a garage sale.
If there is any place you would walk/bike to around you, you should apply for a job.

by Emiloo - 1 year ago