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    What should i do if someone didn't leave feedback on ebay?
    Hello, It's been about two weeks now, and this is the first time I ever sold something on Ebay. Anyways the instant the item was paid for and got to the buyers house I left good feedback for them. It's been about two weeks and the buyer still hasn't left any for me. I know I should just move on, but I just would like a feedback response from them since I'm a beginner and have 0% on feedback. Should I email the buyer about it or just let it be, and move on?
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    No, you cannot delete feedback you give a buyer. Feedback on eBay cannot be deleted, but will automatically be deleted after one year of when it was left. As for the buyer not leaving feedback, your are more than welcomed to email the buyer and request them to leave you a feedback rating. Be professional, that is important. Be polite. And also, be concerned... what I mean by that is ask them if their order was arrived in satisfactory condition etc... I would recommend you leaving feedback after the sale is made (even if it is before their feedback is left for you). There is nothing at all wrong with leaving a buyer of your feedback even if they have not left you feedback. It will actually lead to a more satisfied customer (communication is key to customer satisfaction).
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    • A Tip: don't ever leave feedback first when your a newbie. I'm new to it as well. I have sold one item and I always let the other person leave feedback first. When I buy things on eBay. People mostly always send me feedback first and if the item is good etc i leave positive back as well. But if I bought something and they never left feedback I wouldn't leave them any. I really would just leave it. :)

      by Stuart Maber - 6 hours ago

    • Always wait for buyer to leave feedback first. If it is bad, you cannot take yours back. Buyers leave feedback maybe most of the time but not always and not right away. You need the feedback. Just a gentle reminder like asking if the item arrived okay. Some sellers remind buyers on their listing about feedback.

      by Flower - 6 hours ago

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