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    Starting to work out?

    Well I'm 16. I started doing push ups in sets of 20 to 50 all through my the day along with sets of 50 pull ups. Hopefully I'll have a bench before summer and ill try and start running a mile almost every other day. When can I expect to see results?
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    The beginning is the toughest, and it's kind of frustrating. You're doing lots if reps, that's for getting cut, right now you need to get big. I recommend making out, for example instead of benching something 10 times, you pick a weight you can only do once or twice, and you keep doing this until you think you're all done, also try and work out one muscle a day, I know it's frustrating to not be able to do more muscles and feel swole the next day, but it's better to just focus on one muscle and work it out till exhaustion. Also you will need lots of vitamins, buy animal pak, it's very inexpensive in vitacost. Com in there you can also find a 5 lb protein, for if you work out and you dont take protein, you might as well not work out. You should take protein every 3-4 hours, unless you eat, then that will replace om of your shakes, but you should be constantly fling your muscles with protein if you really wanna get big. So remember. Vitamins after breakfast, fish oil, protein every 3-4 hours, and high wright low rep workouts, also breathe properly. Best of luck.
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