Help with business idea ?!? What do you reckon ?

Hi, I am a 16/17 year old male from the Uk and I am looking to start up my own business. I have done 3 years of studying business at school/college do I have the knowledge of how to start up and run a business in the short term and long term. But my problem is that I am stuck on ideas, as I had come with a few but unsure as te first idea was to purchase mobile cases such as iphone from wholesalers and sell them; but the wholesalers from other countries require a big purchase and are un-trustable. The second idea was to purchase broken mobiles and fix them and then to sell them off to make a bit of profit from the revenue once all costs are taken away, but the downfall on that idea is that the phone might be stolen/or worser than it looks. So therefore I would appreciate it so much if someone gave me a start up idea to be then continue it. P.s I would like to study business management at univeriwity after college. Thanks Amir Bandar

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Making Money in a Business is about Creating Volume and Margins. For instance -- How many cases would you have to sell per week to make a good paycheck? If the profit is $1 per case and a goal of $1000 per week then it would take 1000 units. If you can find something with a $10 profit each then it would only take 100 units. If you had 10 products at that profit margin then it is easier to reach your goal of $1000. Education is a must. Business is like life. You will have successes and failures. Just don't quit. Good Luck!!

by Roger - 1 year ago