How do I make an online T-shirt business?

I know I have to get a domain and web hosting. I just need to know how you actually sell the t-shirts. I am not interested in making and shipping the t-shirts from my home, so are there any companies out there that manufacture and ship the t-shirt to the customer without me having to do any of that work.
Thanks for any info:)

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You actually don't have to get a domain and pay for hosting! Spreadshirt gives you your own store, and they handle the shipping and printing, and the payments. Spreadshirt take a little bit of the price, but you get to choose how much the shirt sells for.


1 year ago

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I would get your own domain and set it up, use paypal to take orders (simple, free, and you dont need merchant accounts). Marketing is up to you, nothing is easy ....

by CmoreD - 1 year ago