Is it best to buy a domain name ending .com .net. .org (etc.)-which one is best for a business nowadays?

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The CORRECT answer is to use .com for any website unless you're a non-profit. If you're a non-profit, you should use .org. If you use .org and you're NOT a non-profit, people may view it as a scam (or you trying to deceive them). .net is mostly only used if .com isn't available.

To be honest, a lot of people view any website that ends in anything besides .com as a scam, so you just go with .com BUT you should also register the other domains, and have them redirect to your .com page. This prevents someone from using the same website name as you.

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Um... I say org. Yep org sounds more efficient and productive??? Haha I don't even know.

by Truebelieber2018 - 1 year ago

They all are purchase all 3

by J - 1 year ago

To me its more of an opinion now a days to pick one.
Com- company
Net- network
Org- organization
Ect. Ect.
It mainly depends on what you want it for. But I think you'll want

by Monica - 1 year ago


.org is for organizations like say a non profit.

.net is network but is normally used if your name is not available in .com

This will ultimately confuse customers. Stick with .com for a business.

by tmorris - 1 year ago