can i start working yet?

I'm turning 14 very soon, i know everyone around me is saying that i need to be 14 & 9 months. But i went on the Government site and it says that you don't have to be 14 & 9 months to start working!! And I have just starting looking for a job that would making me independent etc. and found out that its harder than i expected, but i am still willing to fight that and push my limits to get a job!

But my question is do you have to be 14 and 9 months to work in a news agency??
because i know for some jobs you need to be directly 14 and 9 months to work!!
Can you please help and it would be even good if someone could give me a site to Jimboomba or Logan Village Queensland 4207 News Agency!! ??????

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wait till ur 17

1 year ago

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In England you can deliver newspapers at 14 i'm not too sure about other countries

by Garry - 1 year ago