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    How do you go about starting and animal rescue?

    I am still in High School and have known I have wanted to work with animals since I was like 3! I don't want to be an Animal Control officer, Vet, or Vet tech, because I cannot handle blood and could never euthanize an animal, evn though I know it is for the best. I don't want to groom or train, it doesn't make a big difference in their lives as I want. I really do think I want to start my own rescue group for dogs. I really, really do! What type of education would be required? (College Degrees) What college degree would help me best? What classes should I take to help during high school? How would I go about doing this? Approximately how much would you think it would cost? Really, ANY information would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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    Well it'll be as a non-profit. Which means you'll need to run off donations and if you're lucky enough state/county funding. There is no education required aside from state licensing. But you'll want to know about animal biology, basic psychology, business, and finance. You'll need enough funding for kennels, at least one truck and dog capturing equipment. You may be able to get some help with funding by providing a animal control type service as well. This will help with recurring costs like gasoline, dog food,water, electricity, truck repairs, etc. if you can find $50,000 you may have enough to get the equipment and operate for a few months, but with no pay without funding. So unless you're loaded or know quite a few people who are, it's best to volunteer at the city SPCA or pound. Hope one day they can afford to pay you to be there.
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