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    Which software should I use for a small business?

    My dad wants me to keep track of all of his expenses and income. I have been using Quicken Home & Business 2013. For his eBay income, I created an Account Receivable named "eBay Income" and for expenses I create Account Paybables, such as "Hotel", "Transportation" "Shipping" "Shipping Expenses" "Mineral Purchases", etc.... For his receipts from Walmart, Lowes, Post Office, etc., I enter the date, Payee, memo if i need to, categorize it, and then the amount of the purchase. As far as eBay income goes, I download the PayPal history and it automatically goes into my Quicken. My question is, is Quicken Home and Business 2013 the right software to use and am I doing it correctly? Or should I use some other software?
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    Well, you'll have an easier time with Quickbooks after you learn how to use it. It's worth the effort - Quicken is made for homeowners and such, Quickbooks is made for small businesses. Quickbooks is what you want, and it will grow with you, too.
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    • You will have an easier time using Quickbooks

      by Henry - 5 hours ago

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