Small buisness question?

My brother and I are making a little business type thing this year for some extra money throughout the year and we are going to make an optional contract for people and well do yard work and odd jobs..(we live in colorado) And for our business well either do any season(s) of choice or all four seasons and we need help for what a reasonable price for every season is. we thought this was ok VVV but were not sure.

Winter- 200 full care
Spring- 200 full care\
Summer-300 full care
fall-250 full care
all four seasons-750-fullcare
full care for winter would be snow, car cleaning and odd jobs of any sort to a certain extent

Full care for for spring would be weeds, car cleaning, gutter cleaning, leaves, lawn care, and odd jobs

Full care for summer would be weeds, lawn care, car cleaning, gutters, odd jobs, and leaves.

full care for fall would be weeds, lawn care, car cleaning, gutters, leaves, and odd jobs

full care for all four seasons would be everything stated..

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I like the package deal you guys are trying for, it's appealing. the prices actually sound pretty good to me. i agree with the other responder about elaborating on what kinda stuff the full care offers etc... maybe if on the flyer you have the details of each package. best of luck!


1 year ago

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The prices stated would be reasonable depending on the services provided, make sure you state what you will be doing or else people will think you are overpaying. The best way to check prices is look t what similar companies are charging. If there aren't any that do the same thing you guys have the monopoly.


by Joshua - 1 year ago