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    Again ebay . advice needed?

    so i created a new ebay account and list an ipad 4 days . now i have 50 bids . first i feel very lucky but now i realize that it could be a scam . thanks to some of yahoo community members for teaching me never put an expensive item for sale via bin . so i have 12 bidders and many of them bid again and again like they wants to beat themselve . the highest bidder have 159 positive feeback but why a man who have 159 feedbacks want to buy an item from me who have 0 feeback . please help
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    ** Question: 'why a man who have 159 feedbacks want to buy an item from me who have 0 feeback'? Answer- eBay and PayPal both gaurantee every purchase so buying from a new person/seller is sort of safe for any buyer. If a buyer receives a wrong item or seller never delivers, eBay and PayPal will make it up and refund the money. ** 'so i have 12 bidders and many of them bid again and again' Ans: It is automatic bidding. As a buyer, if I think the value of your iPad is $500, and I want to pay up to $450, I can start bidding at current price of say $50 and tell email to keep bidding for me up to $450! No need to get surprised my friend. You will slowly learn the system. ** 'first i feel very lucky but now i realize that it could be a scam' Ans: As a seller, if the bids on your item starts getting above the market prices of the item, than probably it can be a scam. If you can the price you were hoping for, then you can feel lucky. For iPad, you should get good price. **Also few tips to save yourself from being cheated. 1. Don't ship international in your first sell. Or if your buyer is an international buyer, don't ship to Asia, Africa or some south American countries. Also, please read the following. 2. Make sure the person paid with PAYPAL and you are shipping to only his/her verified address. Don't accept check, money order or Western Union. 3. Make sure you use a reputed service with Tracking and keep hoping that the item gets delivered. Then save that tracking info with Item Delivered confirmation for next 6 months. 4. Buy an insurance on your shipment. This will come handy when you are a new seller on eBay. 5. Make sure your buyer has some history on eBay. However if you practice safe selling and shipping tips, you should be covered by PayPal's seller protection. Read about Seller Protection tips on ebay and PayPal. 6. When you ship, try to take some photos of your item with the shipping label/box. This will prevent you if the buyer claims that he received an empty box. Try to get someone to notice/witness it. The outside world can be dangerous for an unexperienced seller on eBay but based on my experience, 98% of the people out there are good and can be trusted. At least in the USA LOL.
    2 years ago

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    • When selling anything electronic there are a few precautions to take 1 - make sure your settings show that you DO NOT ship internationally. 99% of scam attempts will come from buyers overseas 2 - state very clearly in your ad that you do not ship overseas AND that you will ONLY ship to Paypal verified addresses 3 - Do not offer the Buy it Now option 4 - If anyone emails you asking you to invoice them or end the auction early, do not respond to them. If they do not pay through Ebay's checkout page then they are trying to scam you. Never give your Paypal account details to anyone 5 - be suspicious of anyone who outbids themselves. It's normal that if there are 12 bidders you'll see some of the same people bidding against each other. But if they are bidding against themselves, then they are often trying to scam you 6 - when shipping always send with a signature required on receipt AND insurance with anything electronic 7 - before you ship, take a picture of the item in the box right before you seal it with a time and date stamp to show the condition when you sent it. Also not the serial number. Scammers who have broken electronics will often buy one on Ebay, claim it doesn't work, then send you their broken one back. If you don't have a record of the serial number you have no proof you have been scammed

      by Kittysue - 8 hours ago

    • When a bidder puts in their highest $ they want to bid - the system will automatically bid for them in increments and it will look like they are the only one bidding - but it is just how the system works. That is normal.

      by uppercrust - 8 hours ago

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