i have an interview day after tomorrow for the position of a warehouse supervisor. I have to do a presentation on some questions. one of the questions is "what method u propose for accuracy of the inventory? please help me. I have lost a job and have a family to feed. any example would be really welcome

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This seems like a 2 in one interview question to me. By the way you answer this, it is going to help them determine if you are a thinker who is self motivated or if you are a person looking to get into the position and turn on cruise control.

They basically want to know how you plan on making sure the inventory quantities are controlled and accurate. Every warehouse is operates differently and the type of accounting or warehouse management software in use may have some affect.

A general answer would be (You reword it): That if you were hired/given the opportunity, that you would like to assess their current methods to see if there is potential to strengthen particular areas of the process. In inventory control some areas that tend to be a source for inventory inaccuracies can be improperly or non recorded receivables, issue logs are not in use (where inventory deductions are logged), if Issue logs are in use they may be used some of the time but not always. There may be a need to increase the frequency of inventory count cycles. Once you are given the opportunity to assess the current process you can create new policies (if needed) and retrain current employees.

That was just a quick & general. Being in inventory control, you have to think of it like your checking account. You discover your balance is different than what you thought, you need to figure out where the money went, once you figure it out - you decide to make a change to prevent this from happening again (balance your check book) and you make sure everyone that has access to the account does the same. Make the rules and enforce them...your balance is less likely to fall out of balance.

My answer was pretty general but I hope it helps a little, or gets you thinking on other ways to answer. I wish you luck on your interview!


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