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    how much will Ebay charge for a cancel?

    How much will Ebay charge me if i cancel my ad? My ad has been up for about 2 days and it has 3 bidders. The item i put up is defective and i didn't know about it until after i put the ad up. The price the people have bid for is $1,200 how much will i have to pay to cancel it?
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    If it's your first cancellation in a 12 month period there will be no charge. If you've done it before it will be equivalent to the final value fee for that price ($1200) in that category.
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    • Fees Ending an auction-style listing early once it has received a bid can lead to disappointed and frustrated buyers who may be less likely to bid on listings the next time around, so you may be charged a fee if you end a listing early. This fee is equal to the final value fee (not including shipping charges) you would have paid if the listing had ended on its own and sold for the highest bid received when the seller ended the listing. This fee is charged if you cancel bids and end an auction-style listing early without a buyer. This fee isn't charged if you end an auction-style listing early and sell to the high bidder. (In this case, final value fees apply.) This fee doesn't apply to listings in the Real Estate and eBay Motors vehicle categories, and the Classified Ads selling format. Because we understand that sometimes it may be necessary to end a listing early, you won't be charged a fee for the first auction-style listing you end early (where a fee applies) per calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

      by uppercrust - 3 hours ago

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