I found a new online business, can some one advise if it's a good one?

Hi, for some time already I have been looking for online business and I found this RostOk ( on youtube, and they also have their site But does anybody know if it's a good one? I read many very good reviews on their site and also of the net, but still have some doubts. If you know about any food online business can you advise please?

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I don't read Russian, but I do have the WOT (web of trust) app on my browser, and there are detailed warnings about the site that it promotes spam, privacy violations and not to enter your personal information there. When translating in Chrome, the testimonials are not true and the science isn't real.

Keep looking for an opportunity, this one isn't it. Not sure what you mean by food online, but if you're looking for a business opportunity that sells food go to any search engine and search like this:

Food + business opportunity

1 year ago

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I think that good reviews should be taken in consideration but you also need to consider the products.Ask about their business account statements as well as the traffic that goes into the said business. Check their marketing strategy and see if you can improve that one or it is a dead-end. You would not want to waste your time with the latter. Also, check if the site is high on search engine rankings so you know that it has an established market.

Ask if they can provide you with profit or losses statement accounts.Many reputable online businesses would provide you with one.

Hope this helps.


by Suzanne - 1 year ago