What will my total be on eBay.?

Ok so I bought an item on eBay. The price is 17.00 plus a 10.00 shipping charge. I usually pay using credit card, but that is not currently an option, so I thought about buying one of those prepaid cards. My question is, do I just put 27 dollars on the card, or should I put more on. Are there any hidden charges?

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There shouldn't be any hidden charges. I'm not sure you can use a prepaid card for ebay - you should check before buying.

1 year ago

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just use paypal and you wont have to worry about it. You can link your paypal to your current credit card and it will charge your credit card. You can also link it to your bank account. Paypal acts as a middle man for ebay merchants to exchange money.

by Brady - 1 year ago