How can I start a free website?

I want to start an online business but I was wondering if I could get a web page for free. I plan to only accept Paypal as a form of payment. Do I have to get some type of business license and do I have to pay taxes?

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In most states you don't need a business license, but you will have to pay taxes if you make over $600 per year. You can start a free website with a lot of different hosts. Just search "free website host". A great one is, but I know that there are plenty of others out there. I do know that this one offers a business-type of website that allows you to sell items on it, but I think you can only have 25 items listed or something like that. Once you start making money, though, you can upgrade and pay to have more features. You can also install Paypal payment buttons and I think they also feature credit card payment forms, too.

1 year ago