i am wanting to sell my clarinet that my moms boss gave to me and i have no idea what to sell it for?

the case says mark two and it has a broken...i think its called a cork or something...other than that theres nothing broken or missing and i really wanna sell it!!!

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look on ebay to see what people are willing to pay for it. That's what most pawnshops do. Let's say new its $500. Yours is used so on Ebay you see people are willing to pay 150-200 then you may consider asking that amount if you sell it. If you take it to a pawnshop and they see that they can get between that amount they will offer you about 75-100 bucks depending on condition. Keep in mind, just because something cost you a lot of money when you got it new doesn't mean anything when selling it used. I would suggest checking ebay. Compare the condition and ask for that amount.


1 year ago

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How is your mom's boss going to feel about you selling it?

If you're underage you can't sell on eBay you know.

by Elaine M - 1 year ago