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    what to do about mad buyer on etsy?

    This person bought a tooth fairy letter for her son on January 19th and I shipped it on January 24th (1 day after it was supposed to because of car troubles). I just got this message from the buyer: I'm really getting pretty annoyed that I still don't have this!!! My sons tooth is still hanging in his mouth but I really don't want to be pushing time this close! I'm very unsatisfied with this etsy shop and I will be leaving negative feedback! What should I say? I want to make the customer happy, I also don't want negative feedback.. I only have about 9 feedback, so a negative one wouldn't look too good. The letter is for the child's first lost tooth, so it couldn't be used for another tooth or anything. What should I do?
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    Tell her the truth, love. If it was me? Dear maim, I apologize that you have not yet received your product. It has been shipped and is on its way as planned–it is in the post's hands now. I understand that this is a special time for you and your son and I sincerely hope that it will be delivered soon. Unfortunately, I do not have a way to make it arrive sooner. Please bare with me and don't give up hope yet! I'm crossing my fingers that you will receive it ASAP. Apologies, The girl with the long brown hair Basically, try to be polite and sympathetic. If you make your remorse clear, she'll be less likely to give you a negative review.
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    • Do you have some proof or receipt that you shipped it on the 24th? That might shut her up. The sad thing is that even when she gets it, she still might write a negative feedback saying it was slow or something. She's being a tad impatient in my opinion. Ordering on the 19th and today is about 10 days later... that's not really bad at all. I think she is projecting her impatience on you due to the hanging tooth situation. But of course, you have to keep your smile and be polite. The customer is always right (even when they are wrong lol). Perhaps do a reverse psychology on her and make her feel guilty to avoid the negative comment. At your own expense, send her another one. Tell her again the first one was sent on the 24th and it should be there at any time, but also you just sent another one for free for future use, as a way of apologizing for the 'delay'. Since you are being clearly reasonable, it might be enough to thwart any negative comment.

      by William - a day ago

    • Contact Ebay Support and tell them your problem. They'll handle it.

      by John M - a day ago

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