Caught eBay buyer in a lie.?

An eBay buyer had purchased an EOS lip balm from me and when I sent it out it was perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with it. Packaged it in a bubble enveloped. Then I received a message from her saying that it was broken into pieces. I don't really see how that could have happened since these are pretty indestructible. I drop mine all the time. So then I was like could you please send me picture proof of this and she never replied back to me. Should I even give her a refund? Thanks.
She has not left feedback yet. She is also a newbie buyer. Only 1 feedback so maybe she's trying to scam me?

1 year ago - 2 answers

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If she already left a review don't bother with it

1 year ago

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offer a refund (if it is less then 20 dollars). it is better then bad feedback

by dourdan - 1 year ago